Robotics for Fun


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 Introductory Class

During the introductory class children become familiar with basic robot design, construction and programming. They will build a robot, learn the programming to make it work and complete several fun challenges along the way.

Cost: $65

 Advanced Camp

This camp is held over three sessions. Students learn more advanced construction and programming techniques during this time. The Introductory Class is required before taking the Advanced Camp.

Cost: $250

 Membership Program

Members work on theme based projects throughout the year. They learn advanced building and programming techniques along the way. This program is designed for students who have taken the Introductory Class and Advanced Camp and wish to continue in the program. Members attend each week at Robotics for Fun.

Cost: Monthly Membership

Online Programs

 Builders Club

These kits are design to improve creativity, craftsmanship, analytical and mathematical skills in a series of monthly exercises. We ask that the parents not help with these projects. This club is intended for intensive building only. Frustration should be expected.

Cost: $50 Monthly. 1- Project each month -No Parent Support Required

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