Orinda, CA

“Our son enjoys the creative and supportive environment at Robotics for Fun. He looks forward to the variety of challenging tasks at each session.”


Benicia, CA

“My son said he would walk a thousand miles to get to this class! Robotics for Fun is a dynamic learning experience both individually and in group. A relaxed learning environment that teaches advanced programming, with a lot of hands on creativity. Definitely a future builder!”


Oakland, CA

“Robotics for Fun has been an incomparably enriching component of our son’s education. After he had taken classes at the Lawrence Hall of Science and Chabot Space and Science Center, the big question was… “what next?” The gifted and enthusiastic team at Robotics for Fun provides a highly engaging forum for our son to continue to develop his interests in robotics, programming, and abstract thinking. I cannot recommend this program highly enough!”


Former NASA Engineer, Alameda, CA

“I was so impressed when I saw students having lots of fun becoming familiar with robotics engineering basics, I decided to volunteer my time so I could be a part of it.”


Oakland, CA

“I am always speaking so highly about this program, because my child loves it so much and is getting so much out of it. The staff is giving and incredibly talented.”


Oakland, CA

“I do have to say I am so delighted that Christina has the opportunity to take a robotics course customized for children! How many kids in the U.S. have access to workshops where they can engineer robots, from developing the prototypes to working with the underlying code and engineering? I know little kids can love robotics and can also try one’s patience at times, yet although they may not be aware of it now, they are developing technical and project planning skills that will stand them in very good stead in several years time. Thank you so much for offering all of this to them!”